Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In a world full of templates, what's a girl to do?

Yes, Wordpress is a very powerful tool. But no, it is not the solution for everyone.

The cheap templates of Wordpress are very attractive, but are you prepared for the amount of time that goes into building the entire website? And if you don't opt to design your own site, did you know most web designers will charge the same amount per hour to do work on your Wordpress site? Tack on a maintenance package, and you might as well have hired a small boutique firm with a couple web designers on staff.

Wordpress is great for those people who have a go-get-'em attitude, giving you the freedom to add pages, edit content, and add widgets. But if you want to add some custom programming, those widgets will add up in cost.

When deciding to go Wordpress or custom-built website, the answer is not always the same for everyone. But it's important to weigh the plusses and minuses before investing big bucks in either.